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This ministry and subsequent work that you are currently viewing is the result of the process of time, experience, and insight into the Word of God and the people who need it most.  In a word, I’m encouraging you to READ THE BIBLE whether this work or from your own translation.

I found as I began ministering the Word of God, when I approached scripture there were politically correct and incorrect truths.  I was to loudly espouse one and not the other which precluded the right dividing of the Word of God.  I also found that from denomination to denomination they would have varying positions on the same Biblical truths from the same Biblical texts.  Essentially denominational authority had precedence over the written Word of God by the denominational position one is required to believe to be in good standing.  Because of these issues it seemed there is a variance between the denominational teachings and the Word of God.

As I moved forward in ministering the Word of God, the week to week sermons did very little to change lives of the people and increase the number of Christians.  I found that just a simple reading the Bible and explaining the Word of God in context had great success and the conversion rate was much larger.  I also found that what I did on Sunday had very little impact on people while I saw what we were doing the other days of the week to help and encourage people had enormous impact.

In one of my early ministries I found the congregation not remembering from week to week what was taught.  I found that teaching through different passages and books of the Bible expositorally did much better in terms of information retained by the hearers.

I also noticed that almost without exception, no one had the faintest idea of the information contained in the Old Testament with the exception of the Bible stories we have all heard about.  You know Noah, David the shepherd boy, Abraham, Moses and so on.  But that is where it stopped.  By and large no one could in any relevant way make sense of the Old Testament or what the time frame was and sequence of the books.

I decided to try to teach a simple overview of the Old Testament in a year and found I just couldn’t do it.  There was simply too much information.  At the same time, I saw our small church in a rural Alaska community of 2500 totally change and mature and the number of new Christians increased dramatically.  Looking back, in seven and a half years that small church had thirteen people go into full time ministry as pastors, missionaries and teachers literally serving around the world.  There was no emphasis on ministry or "going into the ministry", just teaching clearly and simply what the Bible said in context.  It was at that juncture that I first started on what has now evolved into the "Historical Highway thru the Bible ©".

As I look back, I can clearly see that God has guided me in both my "secular" work and training which included the military, employee, business owner and also in "the ministry".  What I learned was that God is much more involved in our lives in guiding us circumstancially than I originally thought, both in and out of the ministry.  We are simply to live our lives fully while at the same time being obedient to his instruction as is clearly written.  I found that He was interested in my whole life and not just the time of our Sunday service or ministry which has become so exalted.

In short, what I learned was that to be an effective Christian, both in value to others and internally, we needed to relate to the Word of God in context by being obedient to it and that it would keep us from so many of the traps and pitfalls that so easily beset us.  An amazing help with this is the amount of information contained in the Word of God that gives us glimpses of future life on the New Earth and New Heavens, our eternity.  After coming to understand that God rewards us for how we live, those who say I am only a janitor or I am only a house wife find that God is preparing them to live eternally on the New Earth thru their faithfulness in ALL that they do here.  Being a Christian becomes understandable and has great hope now.

It is for this reason that this current work was undertaken so the Word of God could be opened up and easily understood in context.

The names and nature of God is revealed through the transliteration of the names of God as they are in the chronology of the “Historical Highway thru the Bible”.  These historical books are the books of the Bible I have chosen and are not intended to replace or compete with the Bible, but is a historical framework to understand the flow of Bible history in coordination with your current Bible reading and study and is to be used in addition.  I have put it into an easy to read format that you can download and print out and place in 3-ring binders.

We ask that God Himself will guide and bless you as He becomes understandable and alive to you through the "Historical Highway thru the Bible ©" in your reading of His Word, the Bible.

Now I will leave you with an intersting verse from Psalm 138.

"For You have magnified Your word above all Your names."  



May the Lord bless and keep you.


Captain Rick,

a fellow soldier of Jesus Christ